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People who live in towns and cities often depend on imported water for everyday use. Our water supply and the water that helps grow our food travels hundreds of miles to reach us. This is an inefficient way to obtain water, especially since a clean source of water is readily available to us right where we live!

The use of rainwater for household purposes helps reduce the need for water transport systems. Our expert plumbers can help install and maintain these systems in your home today.

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How is Rainwater Used at Home?

Rainwater can be repurposed in homes in order to supply water for toilets, washing machines, and even baths and showers. The rainwater is siphoned and filtered in order to clean it. This makes it ideal as a source for non-potable water. This is all made possible through the use of a large rainwater tank that is placed on your property.

The rainwater is pumped and filtered into a header tank where it is distributed to your non-drinking water supply. However, it is important to remember that a number of modifications to the home’s internal plumbing will be required. This is used to separate the rainwater from the fresh water supply.

A lot of these systems include an automatic switchover. This enables the systems to switch to main water if there is insufficient rainwater in the system and the tank runs dry. With this mechanism, repurposing water for use in homes is a much easier process.

How is the Water Collected?

Rainwater is collected from the roof through specific guttering installed uniquely for this purpose. It is gravity-fed through a drainage pipe and then passes through a filter before it enters the tank.

Filters can be outside the rainwater storage tank or fitted inside the turret of the tank. This filter removes any large particles or leaves from the rainwater before it is delivered to the tank. This helps improve the quality of water that is stored.

Benefits of Rainwater Systems

There are a number of benefits you can gain from using rainwater systems:

  • Low Maintenance Costs: Once the system is running, you do not need to invest much money in order to keep it working. And since all of the functions are automated, you do not need to tend to it daily.
  • Lower Water Bills: When you install this system in your home, it functions in conjunction with your original plumbing system. This allows for less consumption because of the compensation made by rainwater. This results in significant savings within the year.
  • Versatile Use: Rainwater can be used to wash dishes and clothes, to flush toilets and to water gardens. Rainwater systems are also great for irrigation. This is because rainwater is not subject to the chemicals found in groundwater.

Rainwater is ideal for any and all homes in and around the Penrith NSW area. Our technicians can assist you in choosing the best unit for your home and installing it to factory standards. When our technicians are done you can rest assured knowing that your system is installed perfectly, and your water savings are on their way.

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