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Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Sydney

With Solar Hot Water, save money while protecting the environment!

Solar hot water heaters are units that heat your home’s water through the sun’s thermal energy. These systems are designed to accompany an electric or gas powered hot water as a backup.

Not only are solar hot water heaters environmentally friendly, they can help save money on electricity or gas in the long run. If it’s an investment you want to make, it’s best to start early. Rapid Plumbing Group has experience you can trust with solar hot water heaters. Give us a call today!

Family-owned and run

Family-Owned, Family-Run

We started as a family business with humble beginnings from Penrith, and have continued to grow both as a business and as people. Our team is family to us, and so is the local community. We take good care of our own, and that includes you and your needs.



Rapid Plumbing Group has worked on large-scale projects with big clients, such as NSW Fire Services, schools across the state, and various local councils. We have consistently exceeded expectations by outperforming KPIs and finishing well before deadlines. Naturally, you can expect the same speed on your demands.

Quality Customer Service

Quality customer service

Our services come at an upfront, affordable price, no surprise or hidden charges involved. We are perfectionists who are proud of our work. We strive to get everything done right the first time, and if someone doesn't agree, we always come back to fix it until everyone is happy, no extra charge. We’re COVID-certified and have been trained in the proper practices. As always, we value safety above all.

Solar Hot Water Sydney FAQs

What are the benefits of solar hot water heaters?

Solar hot water heaters have several benefits:

  • Unlimited fuel, even when the weather is cloudy or rainy
  • Very fuel-efficient
  • Low carbon dioxide emission
  • Pays for themselves by saving money on electricity or gas

What are the types of solar hot water heaters?

There are two types of solar water heating systems: active and passive. Active systems have circulating pumps and controls, while passive units only rely on gravity to move water. Both include storage tanks and solar collectors.

Do solar hot water heaters work in winter?

Solar hot water systems remain functional in the winter. They are fully capable of providing hot water even in temperatures under freezing, though efficiency may be reduced somewhat. Also, if it snows, the solar panels must be cleared.