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Comprehensive Hot Water Heater Services

When we service a hot water system, we inspect and service everything from the floor up. Our comprehensive services include:

    • Corrosion inspection: We drain the water to check the inside of the tank for corrosion.
    • Leaks are spotted: We check for leaks and reseal any damaged seals.
    • Gas connections are investigated: Gas connections are reviewed to ensure they are not in need of replacement.
    • A complete flush is performed: We conduct a complete flush to make sure that any deposits or debris that may be inside the tank and lines are removed.

    Is your hot water heater acting up? Aside from routine maintenance, we provide full hot water heater repair, installation and replacement. If your hot water heater is reaching the 15-year mark, it may be time to replace. However, if it is still relatively new it may just need to be repaired. In either case, our expert technicians perform a thorough inspection and diagnosis to determine the most cost-effective solution for you.

    Gas powered hot water systems

    The first type of hot water systems that come to mind is the gas powered system. A gas powered hot water unit is responsible for heating and retaining a quantity of water in an insulated cylinder. To do this it uses a gas heating source such as natural gas or LPG. This allows for even heating solutions without wasting much electricity.

    Electric Hot Water Systems

    The electric powered hot water heater works similar to the traditional gas powered hot water heater, but the main difference is the way in which it heats the water. Electric systems use an electrical current to heat water to the desired temperature. It is, however, susceptible to power outages and tends to raise electrical costs in your home. It also features many benefits as well:

        • Safety: Electric powered hot water systems reduce the chances of electrocution from faulty wiring.
        • Timed operation: These units have the ability to install a timer that allows you to run the hours of your preference versus all 24 hours of the day.
        • Cost-effective: The two types of hot water systems (gas and electric) can be of the same size; however, electric systems have lower costs in terms of purchasing and installing.

    Solar Hot Water Systems

    Solar hot water heaters are units that heat your home’s water through the sun’s thermal energy. These systems are designed to accompany an electric or gas powered hot water as a back up.

    There are two types of solar water heating systems: active and passive. Active systems have circulating pumps and controls and passive units do not. Both include storage tanks and solar collectors.

    The advantages solar hot water systems:

        • Environmentally friendly: Solar units are the most fuel-efficient of all hot water systems. With sunshine as fuel, they emit a reduction in CO2 at about 50%.
        • Fuel is limitless and free: As long as the sun is shining, your solar hot water system has sufficient fuel to operate.
        • They pay for themselves: Within 4 to 8 years, solar hot water systems have paid for themselves through the savings in electricity and natural gas. Although they last the same as conventional systems, after the initial payback period is up, you can look forward to free hot water with your solar system due to its zero energy cost.

    What Are Some Common Hot Water System Problems?

        • Rust colored water: All hot water systems contain an anode rod. The role of this rod is to slowly dissolve in order to prevent the formation of rust inside the hot water. If the anode rod fails, you may discover rust in your water.
        • Water smells odd: If your hot water begins to have a rotten egg like smell, there is a high possibility your unit has a bacterial infection.
        • Disturbing noises: If your unit has been making popping noises or high pitched whining, there is the likelihood that excessive sediment has built up in the bottom of the tank.
        • Water leaks: If your tank is releasing excess water, the temperature and pressure relief valve may be discharging the water due to overheating. Rust is another reason for the leak, as it may create a hole in your unit.

    Avoid these problems by having your plumbing appliances maintained by Rapid Plumbing Group Pty Ltd. We offer full service inspections and repairs to ensure that your hot water system is in the best condition possible.

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