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Benefits of Protective Metal Roof Coating

  • Increased Strength: The primary benefit that is associated with applying a protective roof coating to a metal roof is that it will help make the roof more durable and less vulnerable to damage. This is because the protective roof coating blocks off harmful UV rays.
  • Affordability: Metal roof coating is cost effective. A protective roof coating costs far less than the amount of money it costs to install a new roof or repair an existing roof.
  • Improved Appearance: Another advantage is that a roof coating has the potential to greatly improve how your roof looks. This is helpful because roofs that are not aesthetically pleasing can lower the value of your property.
  • Flexibility: Roof coatings can be done at any time, regardless of when the roof was installed, making them highly flexible. This can help resolve issues no matter when they occur in your home.

The main problem that metal roof coating solves is oxidation. Metal roofs are especially vulnerable to degrading as a result of rust. When a roof is exposed to harmful UV rays for a great deal of the time, they will oxidize and their chemical makeup will change, making them more vulnerable to rust. Once the rust sets in, that particular section of the roof will need to be replaced. Applying a roof coating reduces oxidation and prevents the roof from degrading too quickly.

Benefits of Penetration Sealing

Penetration sealing involves sealing vulnerable parts of the roof. Some roofs will have pipes and other systems going through them. The place where the roof and the system is joined will need to be sealed in order to reduce the amount of water that is able to leak through.

The primary benefit of performing this procedure is that it reduces the amount of water damage that a house has to take and reduces the number of repairs that will need to be made. By applying a protective coating to a roof and sealing any vulnerable areas, it will be possible to avoid having to repair or replace the roof.

Common Problems Associated with Metal Roofing

Even when a protective coating and sealing has been applied to your roof, rust and corrosion can still become a serious problem. Coastal climates and areas that are subject to saltwater moisture can increase the risk of rust spots and corrosion that may substantially reduce the lifespan of a metal roof.

  • Warping and Misshapen Materials: Roofing materials that have been damaged by the environment may have trouble holding their original shape. Warped materials can place excessive stress on other components and increase the risk of leaks and cracks. Windblown debris and excessive temperatures can result in warped or misshapen materials.
  • Environmental Damages: Metal roofs may be durable, but they are far from indestructible. Fallen branches, foundational or structural issues with a property, and other environmental damages can do a great deal of damage to even the strongest installations. Addressing such concerns as early as possible allows property owners to avoid more extensive and costly repairs.
  • Insulation: Metal roofing materials need to be properly insulated to protect against lightning strikes. If a grounding arrangement that has been damaged, neglected or is no longer viable, it can be a serious safety risk. Metal is a better electrical conductor than other roofing materials and ensuring proper insulation and grounding should always be the top concern of homeowners.
  • Excessive Noise: Exposed metal surfaces on a roof can become quite an irritation. Worn coatings and protective anodizing that has been stripped away often create excessive noise. Noticing that raindrops are making more noise than usual could be a sign that roofing materials may be showing signs of deterioration.

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