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Must-Know Technological Upgrades For Your Bathroom

Residential bathroom plumbing is finally catching up to the rest of your home, technologically speaking. For a long time, a standard sink, with a standard shower/bathtub combination, and a standard toilet were all that you had to look forward to when redesigning a bathroom. There are exciting new options available that are attainable for every budget.

Turn The Heat Up

“digitalshowers”When someone says ‘digital showers,’ there are a number of thoughts that could go through your head. However, when speaking of actual digital showers in the bathroom, it is meant as a thermostat for your shower.

You can program your shower to automatically heat to your ideal temperature. Trusting this gadget is easy because it mixes the cold and hot water which allows for a steady temperature no matter what other appliances in the home are using hot water.

It’s Not a Computer…

“hightechfaucets”You might be looking for a faucet that can save money on the water bill. Maybe you’re looking for a faucet that uses a motion sensor to keep things sanitary as well as saving water.

But did you know there are faucets that can be programmed to your face, and connected to your phone to display the date, emails, texts, and other information?

These faucets are great for little hands that might be using it because they can prevent scalds. It might be a bit excessive, but this is an available option. Aside from these high-tech faucets, there are also beautiful waterfall-styles as well as faucets that can be turned on by touch.

Lights And Sound

“chromatherapy”There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy a bit of music while they shower. It might be Mozart, Metallica, or some hit from the top 40 charts.

Whatever your music choice is, all that is required is a Bluetooth showerhead and your smartphone. Once your shower head is turned on and connected to your phone, you can sing your heart out to your favorite artist.

Chromatherapy is color therapy. It is used to stimulate the mind and body by using different colored lighting. If you are ready for a serious upgrade to your bathtub, replacing it with a model that has chromatherapy abilities is a great option. Other than that, you can find lighting that can be attached to your tub.

Stop Flushing Money Down The Drain

“ecofriendly”If your toilet was made before 1994, it’s time for an upgrade. In 1994, the EPA mandated that toilets use less than 1.28 gallons of water to flush.

Since then, newer toilets have gained the ability to use even less water, saving you more money. There is also the option of dual-flush toilets that use different amounts of water to flush liquid or solid waste.

If you are really wanting to impress house guests, consider a low-flow toilet that also has a bidet. These are commonplace in Europe but not so much in the United States. Bidets can also be considered eco-friendly due to the fact that less toilet paper is used.