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Help Your Plumbing Be at Its Best with These Tips

There’s no question modern plumbing systems have made life easier for everybody. Performing everyday chores can be done more quickly and efficiently, and tasks such as bathing and waste removal are both comfortable and convenient. It’s become an undeniably important part of our daily lives.

The big question responsible homeowners should be asking is how can we maintain home plumbing systems? Luckily, the answer is quite simple. By stepping up and performing a handful of simple tasks, we can extend the life of our plumbing and stop them from malfunctioning. Here are some tips to help your pipes stay at their best.

Closely Monitor Water Pressure

“balancedwaterpressure”Despite what you may think, there is such a thing as too much water pressure. It may feel nice when cleaning and showering, but high water pressure adds incredible strain to your plumbing system, and this tension may result in damage or leaks.

Those of you who read this and are worried about this problem can monitor your plumbing system’s pressure levels by purchasing a device from a hardware store.

If you find it’s above 85 psi, you should consider calling up a plumbing service to get help regulating your home’s water pressure. Homeowners should also think about installing low-flow plumbing components, which don’t impact water pressure, just the amount of water dispensed.

Step Up to Keep Drains Clean

“cleandrains”Clogged drains can really mess up the works. A blockage in your plumbing system could be the catalyst for major water damage from leaks and bursts that were entirely avoidable.

The simplest and most useful purchase you can make is a sink strainer for your kitchen sink. This device, which is placed above the drain, captures any large pieces of debris before they enter the piping system.

There’s less chance of any dirt or food particles building up and forming clogs. It’s an excellent preventive measure. When it comes to cleaning after a meal, do not rinse dishes with cooking grease or oil in your sink. Eventually, when they enter the pipework, these liquids become solids and may be the root of kitchen-based blockages.

Get Hair Screens for Your Bathroom

“haircleaner”It may be a little gross to imagine, but it’s common for clumps of hair to find their way down our bathroom drain and form clogs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from showering or shaving, hair is frequently flushed down the drains of our sinks and tubs.

The best defense against this is to buy a hair screen for your drain. It traps large hairs before they can enter your plumbing system. These devices are cheap and a great way to maintain your home’s overall plumbing.

Obey Plumbing Regulations

“localrequirements”Every town has mandates about the permissible plumbing components in your home.

These are put in place to ensure every resident has the necessary access to water, and their plumbing components are optimized.

Check with Penrith, NSW municipal services to see how they may affect you.