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Why Your Plumber Should be Your Valentine!


Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around, you hear the same questions everywhere you go: “What are you going to get him this year?” “Where are you taking her?” “What are you guys planning to do?”

Perhaps this year you’ve decided to ask that special someone to move in with you. However, more people in the house will increase the strain on your indoor plumbing system. More hair going down the drain can cause a nasty clog!

While you make plans on where you’ll put an extra set of dishes and flatware, don’t forget to plan for how another person will affect your plumbing! Keep reading to learn valuable tips for keeping your pipes clear with more people in the house.

Protect Your Bathroom Plumbing

bathroomplumbingWhen thinking about romance, few people think about indoor plumbing as part of that. But there’s nothing romantic about an avoidable plumbing problem.

Your bathroom plumbing works hard to flush waste and drain dirty water after a bath or shower.

With another person in the house, you and your special someone will use the shower, bath, and toilet twice as much! If your pipes haven’t been cleared in a long time, increasing the use of your toilet also increases the likelihood of getting clogged.

The last thing you want is to spend a romantic evening with the one you love plunging the toilet. Take the time to make a plan to keep your pipes properly maintained. Before that special someone moves in, consider getting your pipes cleared first to avoid these problems!

Why You Need to Keep Your Shower Clog-Free

showerclogEvery day in the shower, you sluff off hair, oil, and dried skin. All those things head down your drain and clump along the sides of the pipes. With more people in the house, the amount of material heading down the drain increases, too.

As build up occurs, drains start to back up, which increases pressure on the pipes. Slow drains can lead to leaks in your pipes that let water seep into your floors and walls.

When plumbing is left unchecked, an easily repaired slow leak can end up causing thousands of dollars of damage. Regular inspections protect your pipes from unseen problems. Instead of waiting for small issues to grow into big problems, getting your bathroom plumbing inspected can end up saving you a lot of money!

Why You Should Let a Professional Plumber Inspect Your Pipes

proplumberAfter reading all this about how inviting another person to live in your impacts your plumbing, you might think you should call the whole thing off!

But if you spend the time to find a reliable plumber to become a trusted partner in the care of your pipes, you won’t have to worry! Let a professional plumber regularly inspect your indoor plumbing, and you should never have to experience any of these issues!

A professional will check the health of your pipes, find unseen leaks, and recommend the best methods to keep your drains flowing smoothly. Regular inspections not only prevent you from having a plumbing emergency, in the long run, it will save you money too!

We at Rapid Plumbing Group wish you a very Happy Valentines day! And no matter what you decide to get him, or where you decide to take her, we will be here to serve all your plumbing needs! Make sure to tell that special person all the plumbing tips you learned today!