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Why do Certain Plumbing Repairs Cost More?

Too low, too high, just right–this isn’t the ending to a child’s bedtime story, but instead referring to the pricing of plumbing services. No one wants to feel like they’ve been ripped off by paying a ‘quality’ company too much money, just as no one wants to pay a ‘plumber’ for what amounts to shoddy workmanship.

The key to hiring a plumber is finding the happy medium of fine craftsmanship and fair pricing. The key is hiring Rapid Plumbing Group!

Ignoring That Leaky Pipe Can be Expensive

“leakrepaircost”A leaky pipe can cause musty smells, the growth of mold and mildew, and water damage. This type of repair is not one that should be ignored due to fear of costs.

In fact, the cost to repair a pipe is typically low. Because we use upfront pricing, you will know the cost of the job before any work is begun, and this includes the cost of labor!

The easiest way to keep the cost from rising is to call us as soon as you begin to notice any signs or symptoms of a leaky pipe.

Fixing Clogs Doesn’t Have to be Costly

“clogrepaircost”Drains will often accumulate things like hair, soap, toothpaste, grease. They can also be the site of lost toys that have been deposited by young children.

All of these issues will cause a clogged drain that will slow the water movement, decrease water pressure, overflow toilets, and possibly crack pipes. Although clogs are seemingly straightforward, they are not meant to be fixed by non-professionals.

Drain snakes and chemical cleaners both can cause more problems than necessary. When an untrained person uses a drain snake, it is possible and likely to damage the plumbing. Chemical drain cleaners are simply dangerous due to lye. Lye is bad for the environment, can damage pipes, and can cause burns to the skin, eyes, and lungs.

When it comes to removing clogs, a professional plumber will likely use a drain snake as a first attempt to remedy the problem. If the snake is unsuccessful at removing the clog, hydrojetting is recommended. Hydrojetting is the use of water at high pressures to break up blockages and debris. The pricing of this service is based on the severity of the blockage and the type of drain that is clogged.

Fixing Dripping Faucets Doesn’t Have to Cost a Ton

“drippingfaucet”A faucet that is constantly dripping is annoying for a short period of time. After that period of time, the noise fades into the background and is no longer noticed.

This is when it can become a problem. The longer a faucet drips without being repaired means the longer you will pay for the extra water.

However, the constant moisture can damage the faucet and foster mold and mildew growth. Both of these issues can become expensive if not taken care of.

Luckily, the cost of simply repairing a faucet is also very low! The Rapid Plumbing Group can quickly assess the problem and give you an upfront price for the repair.