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Discover the What, When, & Where of Plumbing Permits

Taking on some home renovations? Good for you. Doing DIY and increasing the asset value of your home with renovations or remodeling is always a good idea. However, taking on plumbing work without following the permit process is not a good idea. You could be opening yourself up to fines, extra costs, and even danger.

You typically will require a separate permit for each aspect of your work (i.e., electrical, plumbing, etc.). In order to get a plumbing permit, you need to submit plans and any other documentation that you have for your project to the Penrith, NSW municipality.
Here are some handy tips about plumbing permits to help you get prepared.

How Much Do They Cost?

“howmuchcost”While plumbing permits will vary depending on the scope of the project and geographical location, in our municipality, they are generally based on the estimated value of your project. Plumbing permits are usually good for a year, so aim to complete your project within that time frame.

Depending on what you are doing, you may need to order an inspection after the job is completed. While there are costs involved with gaining a plumbing permit, it is less expensive than dealing with fines from shoddy or unsafe work that is unpermitted.

How Can a Plumbing Permit Protect My Family?

“permitprotection”The major benefit of a plumbing permit is that your work will be held to high standards of workmanship and quality. What this means is that high-quality work will usually give you greater comfort, use, and longevity.

You’ll also get peace of mind. DIY or unpermitted work isn’t always done safely, either because people don’t have the proper training or are even making errors that they are unaware of. Substandard work can result in costly damage, or can even be a safety concern when it comes to things like flood and fire.

When do I Need a Permit Anyway?

“whenpermit”As a rule of thumb, if you are doing minor modifications (i.e., installing a water heater, putting in a new toilet, installing new faucets or shower head, installing kitchen cabinetry that doesn’t need plumbing), you don’t need a permit.

However, when you are altering the structure of your home (i.e., additions, major remodel that involves plumbing and/or electrical, sprinkler systems or anything that involves you accessing municipal water supply) you do.

Do you need a permit for your bathroom remodel? Your Penrith, NSW plumber can help you out on both counts.