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Take these 3 Steps if Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Dealing with a busted toilet isn’t good for anybody. If you’re dealing with a toilet that refuses to flush, however, you may be lucky. It’s a pretty common bathroom plumbing problem that’s easy to fix in most cases.

Plus, you likely won’t need the help of a Penrith, NSW plumber, which can save you money. Interested in learning how to fix this bathroom plumbing issue? Here are three steps you can take if your toilet won’t flush.

1. Inspect the Flapper in the Tank

“tankflapper”The most common cause of this problem also happens to be the easiest to fix. Most of the time, if a toilet won’t flush it’s because the flapper isn’t seated correctly.

This device, which is located at the bottom of the toilet tank, opens up and allows water to enter the bowl during a flush. Once the water is drained, it closes so the tank can fill back up.

The flapper is attached to a chain, which is linked to a rod that’s connected to the handle. As the handle is pushed down, the rod lifts up the chain and opens the flapper to start the process.

It’s easy to diagnose this problem. If you push the handle and no water flows into the toilet bowl, but you still hear water running, it’s because the flapper is poorly seated. Several things can lead to this. The flapper might be worn out, the chain could be loose, or maybe the chain is caught between the flapper and the opening. Try jiggling the handle. If you hear water filling up the tank, the problem may be solved.

But if that doesn’t work, it’s time to go in deeper. Remove the lid of the tank and see for yourself what’s stopping the flapper from closing properly. Depending on what’s causing the problem, reseat the flapper, reattach the chain to the rod or pull the chain out from under the flapper.

The tank should then begin to fill back up. Once it’s done, flush the toilet and make sure the flapper goes back down correctly. If it does, you’ve fixed the problem. Hooray! Put the lid back on the tank and go on with your day.

2. Add More Water to the Bowl

“waterinsidetoilet”Another way to fix a toilet is by forcing it to flush. This can be accomplished by pouring a bucket full of water into the bowl.

If you add a large amount of water fast enough, the toilet should flush on its own. Make sure you’re not adding water too slowly, or else it will just raise the water level.

This trick might solve the problem, but if it doesn’t, it’s time to proceed to the next step.

3. Call a Plumber to Look for Clogs

“callaprofessional”Contacting a bathroom plumbing professional may be your best bet if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your toilet. They can search for clogs, which might require special tools to fix.

If you suspect there’s a clog, you can try dislodging it with a plunger or snake, but if it’s located in the toilet flange or drain it will have to be handled by an expert.