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Start Saving Money On Water This Spring


If you’re a homeowner, I think you can agree when we say it is expensive to own a home in 2019. From mortgage payments to utility bills coming out of pocket for emergency repairs, costs can quickly add up and before you know it, you have no money left to enjoy life with.

What most people don’t know is, you can save a lot of money at home by simply being more aware and intentional with the water in your home. What do we mean by that? Read on to see how you can start saving money on water this spring!

The Many Benefits Of Rain Harvesting

rainwaterWhen looking for ways to cut costs at home, think about how much money goes towards your water usage. Whether it be your water bill or buying gallons of drinking water every other day, the amount of money that goes towards water adds up quickly.

Collecting rainwater can significantly decrease the amount of money that goes towards water usage in your home. In the springtime, it tends to rain a lot. While some people find this annoying, you may now find it truly money saving.

Hundreds of gallons of water fall on your home every month and by collecting it, you can reuse and repurpose this water for various uses in your home. Stop running so much fresh water to simply wash your car when you can get the same sparkling wash, by using natural rainwater.

Quit wasting your drinking water nourishing your plants when they’d much rather receive water from its natural source. You can save hundreds of dollars by repurposing rainwater and it’s much better for the environment too.

Proper Plumbing Maintenance

plumbingmaintenanceMany people aren’t even aware of the huge money pit being created when plumbing maintenance isn’t up to date. Homeowners spend thousands annually on “surprise” plumbing related emergencies.

However, most of these incidents could easily be avoided when you start taking your plumbing system seriously and keeping it up to date. Whether it’s adding mesh screens to your drains to prevent debris from going in.

Or even checking your fixtures for water leaks, you can easily catch a plumbing repair issue before it becomes an emergency. Most of these solutions are found during the maintenance process. Schedule an inspection today to avoid costly emergencies later down the road.

Want More Savings?

savemoneyDon’t stop there with the savings! Rapid Plumbing Group offers our clients the best deals with our wide array of vouchers and coupons that can be used at the time of service!

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve, especially when that peace includes saving money! We also do our best to work with your budget on every service call, keeping your satisfaction high and your costs down.

Feel free to give our highly equipped team a call at 1 800 172 743 and learn more about the services our trained specialists provide such as 24/7 emergency plumbing, hot water system repair, broken pipe repair, and much more. We’ll be there in a flush!