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Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance! Protect Yourself Against Water Damage!


Believe it or not, your homeowner’s insurance isn’t designed to pay for damage that you could have prevented. It is designed to help cover unexpected costs that are associated with unexpected issues.

For example, growing up, my dad failed to call a plumber for a potential water leak. Over the course of several weeks and months, water continued to leak into the walls of our home, resulting in numerous issues.

Finally, the problem became obvious and a professional was called. The homeowner’s insurance agent said that there wasn’t anything they could do because the problem had been noticed and ignored for months, leaving the family with a large repair bill.

The point here is that a water leak will never get better and early detection can save a ton of money. Learn how to detect leaks and what to do in the event of a broken pipe–before that knowledge is needed! Keep reading for more information!

When to Call For Professional Leak Detection

Water leaks aren’t always easy to spot. Unless they are glaringly obvious due to water stains on the ceilings and walls or puddles on the floor, you may not realize that there is even a problem. However, there are a few less obvious signs that you can look for as an indicator to call Rapid Plumbing Group:

  • leakdetectionIncreasing water bills
  • Sounds of rushing water
  • Musty Smells
  • Visible Mold
  • Sinking ceilings/sagging walls

Even if you’ve only noticed one of these signs, it is wise to call a professional to ensure there is no leak. If we do find a leak, we can quickly repair it before major damage is done.

Broken Pipes: What to do Immediately

brokenpipeA broken or a burst pipe is scary–large amounts of water gush into your home and it seems like it will never stop.

If this should happen to you, keep your cool, turn off the water main, and call Rapid Plumbing Group. Once you’ve called us, call your insurance agent to let them know what is going on.

Attempt to remove any items from water that can be salvaged, and remain cautious around electrical wiring. When you speak to your insurance agent, inquire as to which water restoration company they prefer people use and if it will be covered. Sometimes an answer is not immediate, but it doesn’t change the fact that the repairs will need to be made quickly to avoid further damage.

Knowing What Water Damage is Covered by Insurance

waterdamageIt can be difficult to say what types of water damage every single insurance company will cover.

The general consensus is that if the water damage was not preventable or every measure taken to prevent the issue, it will be covered.

However, if you simply ignored a problem–be it a water leak or a clog that caused a broken pipe–insurance will not want to pay for the damage.

Homeowner’s Insurance: Not Wise to Skip

homeownerinsuranceIt is tempting to skip a homeowner’s insurance policy in favor of immediate savings. This may seem like a great idea because, after all, you maintain your home and ensure it is well-kept.

That is the exact point of insurance though. You do your part–maintain your home–and they do their part–by paying for unexpected damages that are beyond your control.

If you believe that your home has a water leak or you’re worried about a potential broken pipe, give Rapid Plumbing Group a call! We will have a plumber at your door quickly that can offer the needed solution. Do you have a story about water damage and homeowner’s insurance? Share it with us in the comments!