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Always Be on the Lookout for these Common Water Leaks


One thing that homeowners should always be on the lookout for are signs of water leaks. They may be difficult to detect but are capable of causing massive amounts of damage. If a leak goes on without anybody noticing for long period of time, repairs may become pricey, and utility costs can skyrocket.

Good thing for homeowners in Penrith, NSW it’s easy to access water leak detection services. But what about finding ways of preventing leaks before they have a chance to start? One must first understand the causes of water leaks. Here are some of the most common reasons leaks occur at home.

High-Pressure Situation

waterpressureBelieve it or not, there is such a thing as too much water pressure. We might enjoy it, and it may make washing and bathing more efficient, but high water pressure adds strain to the pipes and increases the odds of a burst or leak.

On top of that, each faucet and fixture is designed with a specific level of water pressure in mind. They may not operate correctly if the water pressure is too high. If you need a hand to determine if you water pressure levels are safe, call in a professional.

Pipes May Be Old

olderpipesMuch like other items in your home, water pipes don’t last forever.

They deteriorate as time passes and become more susceptible to breaches.

If there’s debris inside the pipes, it may accumulate over a long period and lead to blockages and a rise in water pressure.

These symptoms could eventually result in leaks.

Decay and Rusty Pipes

corrosionrustAlong with the passage of time comes increased decay and the likelihood corrosive substances have made their way into your home’s plumbing.

This can increase erosion and damage the water pipes. Depending on what they’re made from, water pipes can also show signs of rust after a while.

Either circumstance can result in damage to the pipes, which may result in water leaks. If you take a look at your pipes and they’re warped or discolored, you may want to have an expert investigate them.

High-Quality Water Helps

waterqualityIf you want to slow down the deterioration of your home’s water pipes, consider installing a water filtration system or water softener. Contaminated water can bring in substances that corrode pipes or leave behind residue that can lead to clogs.

Hard water is full of minerals that can accumulate within a home’s plumbing and also result in blockages. A great way of maintaining the health of your water pipes and extending their life is by running clean water.

Plumbers may always be ready to provide water leak repair service when you need it, but a more cost-effective way of dealing with water leaks is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Asking a professional to inspect your water pressure, the status of your pipes and quality of the water gives them an opportunity to point out any potential problems and offer solutions. Take steps to help ensure you don’t have to go through a water leak disaster.