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Got a Stinky Sink? This Is How to Fix it

When a foul smell develops in your sink, it can be, to say the least. But don’t get too discouraged. There are ways to deals with a smelly sink that aren’t time-consuming and won’t bust your budget. A few reasons are behind the odours in your pipes.

When routine drain cleaning isn’t conducted, it can put stress on your plumbing system, leading to malfunctions such as foul smells. Read on to discover what to do about your stinky sink and how to fix it for good.

Contamination in Your Sink Can Happen

“contaminatedsink”A contaminated sink may occur from lack of drain cleaning. Debris builds up over time causing waste products to become stuck inside the pipes, demonstrating itself as a foul smell once the particles begin to decompose.

On top of that, if you are not regularly cleaning your drains, they may rust and corrode, creating an environment filled with bacteria that will eventually give off an odour.

Preventing sink contamination is easy with regular drain maintenance, as well as applying drain screens to block debris from going down your sinks and tubs.

The Pipes May Have Sulphur on Them

“sulfur”If drain cleaning hasn’t been top of mind for you this year, or the last one, then you might be dealing with some severe build up in your pipes.

The accumulation of waste over time will draw in bacteria, creating hydrogen sulphide gas, giving off the stench you’ve been noticing in your sinks and drains.

It might not be dangerous to your health, but it can indeed be disruptive and annoying. The best option for sulphur causing odours is to call in a plumber from Penrith, NSW to assess the situation.

Time to Call in the Pros

“whattodo”You can’t always deal with everything by yourself and drain cleaning is better left to the pros. If you haven’t yet, then pick up the phone and contact a local plumber, your pipes will thank you for it.

Nothing compares to having an experienced, trained, and educated professional take care of something as crucial as your plumbing system.

They can often take for granted the little things we are used to working for us. Don’t allow your plumbing performance to fall short this summer. Make the logical choice and bring in a plumber to fix your plumbing. Now that your stinky sink is sorted, it’s time to sit back and relax! Enjoy the rest of your summer odour-free and stress-free with your newly cleaned pipes.