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Discover a New Way to Save with these Water Conservation Tips

Save Money

Hot weather, pollution and the high cost of maintenance are making water more expensive than ever in Penrith, NSW. Instead of putting more and more of your hard-earned money towards paying your water bills, try conserving and recycling water instead. It takes just a few simple lifestyle hacks to substantially reduce what you pay each month.

Never Wash Your Car At Home Again

Car WashOne of the biggest culprits when it comes to extravagant water use is washing your car manually at home.

A lot of water that you pay the water company for is wasted and runs down the driveway into the sewers.

You are much better off to take your car to the carwash, where low-flow and recycled greywater is used to clean your automobile.

This represents enormous savings on your water bill because it can take over a couple of hundred gallons of water to wash your car at home. Furthermore, all that water you are paying for simply ends up on the driveway, whereas a car wash uses directed pressurized low-flow sprays to minimize water consumption.

Install Soaker Hoses That Transport Greywater to Your Garden

Water PlantsOne of the cheapest and most effective ways to recycle water is to have your plumber install hoses that connect from your sinks, basins, and appliances to soaker hoses in your garden.

This way, any rinse water from doing laundry or dishes end up watering your plants, rather than going down the drain.

You can also collect this gently-used greywater in jars, buckets, and watering cans and use it water houseplants.

Replace Bathtime with a Short Shower

ShowerIf there is one thing you can do to save water every single day, it is to forsake daily baths for briefer daily showers.

This can conserve your daily water consumption used for bathing up to 80%. It is also helpful to install low-flow showerheads and aerated faucets to help save money.

If you want to save even more then avoid taking daily showers and start taking them every other day.

Learn to Find Leaks by Reading Your Water Meter

Water LeakLearning to read your water meter can be helpful because it can help you keep track of your water usage and monitor your progress when it comes to your water conservation efforts.

You can also use the water meter to determine whether or not your home has a hidden leak. For instance, if you measure the usage in the morning and then go away all day and then find out that there has been water usage indicated in the home anyway, then it is quite possible that your home leaks somewhere.

If that is the case, then call a plumber, and he can help you hunt for the source of the problem, repair it and then suggest any upgrades and retrofits that might help you cut your water costs even more.