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Choose The Best Plumbing Backflow Preventer

If you’ve ever dealt with emergency plumbing services then you understand how challenging and overwhelming it may be. Whether it’s causing damage to your home or your health, you’ll find yourself looking for a plumber for help.

But what if you could stop the emergency from happening altogether? Backflow is a serious plumbing issue that essentially allows for the contamination of your water supply. Sounds scary?

It is, and what makes it worse is that it’s a lesser-known plumbing issue that many homes can fall susceptible to. Luckily, with the help of a plumber and some best plumbing practices, you can easily protect your home with a backflow preventer.

Is Your Home at Risk of Back-Flow?

“whatis”For many homeowners, backflow is the last thing on their minds, particularly because they’ve never heard of it.

A backflow emergency happens when the flow of water is reversed in your home.

Instead of greywater flowing out through your sewer lines, it flows back into your water supply, contaminating it in the process.

This generally stems from a significant drop in water pressure. Things like floods and burst pipes can all contribute to a backflow emergency. In many cases, it often happens when something happens at the city level, like construction damage or an open hydrant. Because of the unexpected nature of a backflow issue, your best solution is to install a prevention device.

What’s an Air Gap?

“airgap”If you ever take the time to look at the fixtures in your home, you’ll notice there is a space between the connection and the fixture itself.

That space is known as an air gap, and they are often built into many of your plumbing fixtures. When the pressure levels are correct in your plumbing system, the water flows through this air gap freely.

When the pressure drops – as in during a backflow emergency – the water is unable to make its way through, protecting your plumbing in the process. While air gaps are present naturally in many plumbing fixtures, they are also made as external devices that can be installed with the help of a plumber.

Installing a Pressure Vacuum Breaker

“vacuumbreakers”Another type of backflow preventer is of the mechanical variety. Pressure Vacuum Breakers, or PVBs, are spring operated, mechanical devices that can be adjusted to accommodate your plumbing system.

When the pressure levels are normal, the spring is compressed and left open, allowing water to flow through. As soon as that pressure drops, that spring is unable to remain open, acting as a plug for your plumbing.

This stops the flow of water completely until pressure levels are restored. Instead of coming home to foul-smelling water, you’ll simply have no access to water until a Sydney plumber can restore proper pressure levels.

Choosing a Backflow Device For Your Home

“rightforhome”For homeowners located in Penrith, Rapid Plumbing Group can help you find a quality backflow prevention device for your home.

Whether you use a mechanical device like a PVB or a Reduced Pressure Zone, or you opt for the standard air gap, our plumbers can help you find the best plumbing solution for your needs.

We also offer a full myriad of plumbing services including drain cleaning and sewer line inspections, which can go a long way to keeping your plumbing clean and ready for anything.